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Impact-E: Impact-Echo Control Software

Impact-E is a powerful, user-friendly software system for impact-echo testing and for examination and analysis of impact-echo test results. The full software is sold only as a component of a test system, and is included in the overall purchase price.


  • User friendly: Guides the user through the testing process.
  • Interactive: The user is in control at every step.
  • Well documented: Includes a complete, comprehensive instruction manual, as well as an on-line Help system.


Easy to use

  • User interacts through clearly labeled command buttons and text boxes for data entry
  • Control exercised with mouse and/or keyboard
  • Organization of screens guides the user through testing and data recall and analysis
  • Date and time of each test automatically recorded and stored with test results

Comprehensive: covers all known applications of impact-echo, including:

  • Plates (slabs)
  • Plates consisting of two layers (including plates with asphalt overlays)
  • Plates in contact with soils
  • Bond quality at internal interfaces
  • Circular columns
  • Square and rectangular beams and columns
  • Hollow cylinders (pipes, tunnels, mine shaft liners)
  • Post-tensioned structures (locating voids in grouted tendon ducts)
  • Direct measurement of wave speed
  • Measurement of plate thickness
  • Depth of surface-opening cracks


  • Less than three minutes required from the time the computer is turned on until testing is ready to begin
  • The time required to perform a test and store the results in a test file is typically less than one minute, often less than 20 seconds


  • Screens can be viewed in color or black and white (the latter is sometimes easier to read in outdoor light)
  • Test results can be stored in data files on hard disk, floppy disk, or other drive, for later recall and analysis
  • Copies of individual test points and summaries of test files can be printed
  • File utilities system facilitates printing, copying test records between files, writing information directly to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, writing results to ASCII files for export, etc.


  • Each copy of Impact-E software is unique and has its own serial number. It is protected against unauthorized use by an encryption system that permits testing only when used with the data acquisition system supplied with the instrument (this data acquisition system has the same serial number as the software). Impact-E can be loaded on any computer for the purposes of completing the self-teaching course provided with each instrument, for examining files of test data, copying results to spreadsheets or to ASCII files, etc. It can be used to display and examine test data recorded by any impact-echo instrument manufactured by Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC.


  • The system comes with a complete, comprehensive instruction manual, as well as an on-line Help system. This is a critical component of the impact-echo test system because it incorporates the physics and mathematics on which the impact-echo method is based.


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