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Pistol Grip Transducers

The patented pistol grip model (below left) is well suited for use on flat surfaces with an easily attached stabilizer, or for use in relatively tight spaces when the stabilizer is removed. It has a “trigger” arming switch, positioned on the underside of the grip. The dual pistol grip transducer (below right) is used for wave speed measurements. It has two sensing elements separated by a fixed distance (300mm). This dual-head wave-speed transducer replaces the older system of two cylindrical transducers connected together by a spacer bar.


                Pistol Grip Transducer                        Dual-Head Transducer for Wave Speed
                                                                           Measurements, With Pistol Grip


Cylindrical Transducers

The original cylindrical transducer has been redesigned with a new, ergonomic handle that includes a thumb-operated arming trigger. This transducer is especially useful when tests must be performed in confined spaces. It has been used, for example, in testing the refractory brick in glass furnaces, where a metal grid that surrounds and supports the brick structure has only small openings.


                                       An Improved Cylindrical Transducer


Using the Pistol Grip Transducer











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