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Impact-Echo: Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete and Masonry by Mary J. Sansalone and William B. Streett

In the book published in 1997, Mary J. Sansalone and William B. Streett, co-founders of Impact-Echo Instruments, thoroughly describe the technology and its applications. This is the first book devoted entirely to the Impact-Echo method. The book draws together all available knowledge and information about the Impact-Echo method and presents it in a concise and logical format. This information has previously been available only in technical reports and journal articles. Following a brief introduction and review of the development of the method, five chapters are devoted to the physical and mathematical principles on which impact-echo is based, followed by seventeen chapters on applications and case studies. The case studies include photographs, drawings and impact-echo results from field tests on a wide variety of concrete and masonry structures.

Table of Content:
1. Introduction
2. Development of the Method
3. Stress Waves
4. Waveforms
5. Frequency Analysis
6. Digital Signals
7. Wave Speed
8. Plate Thickness
9. Cracks and Voids in Plates
10. Shallow Delaminations
11. Unconsolidated Concrete
12. Surface-Opening Cracks
13. Plates in Contact With Soils
14. Plates Containing Two Layers
15. Bond Quality at Internal Interfaces
16. Plates With Asphalt Overlays
17. Steel Reinforcing Bars
18. Bonded Post-Tensioning Tendons
19. Hollow Cylinders
20. Mine Shaft and Tunnel Liners
21. Circular and Square Cross Sections
22. Rectangular Cross Sections
23. Masonry
24. Field Testing

Purchasing the book on Impact-Echo

The book is available for purchase directly from the publisher. Click here for an order form with pricing information.

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