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About Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC

The Impact-Echo method and instrument were invented by Mary J. Sansalone of Cornell University.  Impact-Echo Instruments, LLC was founded in 1997 by Mary J. Sansalone and William Streett, Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Cornell University. Today, Impact-Echo Instruments is the world leader in developing and marketing nondestructive instruments for evaluating concrete and masonry structures, catering to DOT engineers, construction companies, testing companies and forensic test consultants.

Our systems can measure thickness of concrete slabs such as pavements, retaining walls, and tunnel walls. They can also determine the location, depth and extent of cracks, voids, delaminations, honeycombing and debonding in plain and reinforced structures. Testable structures include plates (slabs, walls, decks, pavements), layered plates (including asphalt on concrete), columns and beams (round, square, rectangular), and hollow cylinders (pipes, tunnels, mineshaft liners, tanks).

In addition, our systems can locate voids in subgrade beneath slabs and pavements, measure depth of surface-opening cracks, locate voids in the grouting in tendon ducts in post-tensioned structures, and locate cracks, voids and other defects in masonry structures where brick or block units are bonded together by mortar.

Impact-Echo Instruments' products are based on research carried out by Dr. Sansalone at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Cornell University. The first portable, computer-controlled, impact-echo field instrument was developed at Cornell University by Professor Sansalone in the early 1990's. Impact-Echo Instruments is privately held and based in Ithaca, New York, USA.

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